PUBG Prohibit Battle Royale Mobile Game Allegedly to Be Prohibited in This Indian State

The online Battle Royale game, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds or even PUBG is not any stranger to being called addictive, or dangerous or anything else negative. There was a series of incidents where state governments have taken measures asking to prohibit the game. There were other incidents like that physical fitness trainer from Jammu who hurt himself since he lost a game in PUBG. Now the Surat district administration on Thursday imposed a ban on PUBG. The most important reason behind the imposing on the ban was due to the escalation in violent behavior among the kids and the youth, plus they were also addicted to the game.

By the administration, students were discovered performing in studies due to their addiction to the game. According to online media reports, the round to prohibit the battle royale game was delivered to some primary education officers of the district so as put together measures that will reduce the number of cases that are coming from PUBG Mobile addiction and also to impose a ban on the mobile game. In a recommendation issued by Jagruti Pandya, President of the Gujarat Child Rights Body, the National Commission for the Protection of Child’s Rights to be able to prohibit PUBG Mobile from the state.

According to officials, the game has changed some young men and women. Jagruti Pandya was quoted by PTI saying this, The NCPCR had delivered a letter to each of the states and recommended a ban on the game. Each of the rules is required to apply it. Looking at the negative impacts of the game, we had recently delivered a letter to the state government advocating a ban on the play.

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